Commercial Services

Corrona is expanding its service offerings to the commercial function of biopharmaceutical companies.

Our offerings focus on providing actionable information for commercial executives to make decisions on brand performance based on our deep, clinically validated measures.


A key initial focus of our commercial work is linking our deep clinical data to claims and related data sets, based on the HIPAA-compliant protected health information (PHI) we have on approximately 10,000 rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients.

We will be expanding our linkage work to psoriasis (PSO) in the future (where we expect to have approximately 10,000 patients with PHI as well). The deep clinical data collected longitudinally in a standardized format we believe is highly relevant for commercial executives.

Combining registry and claims data allows us to generate insight in several areas, for example:

  • Cost effectiveness analyses building upon comparative effectiveness data.
  • A deeper view of the clinical consequences of medication non-adherence.
  • Comparative effectiveness outcomes based on validated measures.
  • A deeper understanding of the factors driving adverse events from registry data.

We are building a suite of offerings in the commercial space, some of which rely on linked data, and others that are based solely on the deep clinical data.

Real World Performance Dashboard

Combining claims and Corrona data to generate unique insights for clients, including high level metrics on cost effectiveness, adherence and persistence, market penetration, outcomes, and safety reports specific to their drug.

Reasons for Therapy Switch

Monthly dashboard that looks at the reasons why patients have discontinued their therapy – including up to 16 reasons why a patient discontinued medication.

Biosimilars Dashboard

Up to 18 biosimilars will launch in the 2016 – 2018 time frame in RA, PSO, PsA/SpA, and IBD. The performance of these drugs is of intense interest to all branded products. Corrona data can provide insights on reason for switch, characteristics of what patient segments are switching and why. With monthly updates, Companies can do near real time searching for insights.

Patient Segmentation/Patient Journey

Corrona’s deep clinical data, with clinically validated outcomes and longitudinal history, are superior to market research. We plan to link to claims data for greater insights. Our analyses can analyze all responses by tiered disease activity metrics, providing a unique patient segmentation not available from any other source.