What is the CPIA Performance Category?


The Clinical Practice Improvement Activity category was created net-new as a part of MIPS. Its purpose is to encourage providers to engage in projects that will lead to improvements in areas such as patient engagement, customer service, and practice efficiency.

QPP lists over 90 different activities to select from. Most of these are broadly defined and provide providers/practices with significant latitude to pursue activities closely aligned with their own specific goals and objectives.


The highest potential CPIA category score is 40 category points, which translates to 15 MIPS CPS points. Category points are earned by completing activities categorized as high-weight or medium-weight. (There are no low weight activities for 2017.) The point value for each activity depends on the type of provider or group, as shown below:

CPIA activity point values as a function of activity weight and practice attributes
  High-weight activities Medium-weight activities
Providers in small practices (15 or fewer CMS providers) or located in rural areas or health professional shortage areas (HPSAs) 40 category points 20 category points
All other providers 20 category points 10 category points

Therefore, a provider in a small practice would earn full credit (40 category points) by completing one high-weight activity or two medium-weight activities.


  • A provider in a practice that is certified as a patient-centered medical home (PCMH) will automatically receive full credit (40 category points) for the CPIA category.
  • For 2017, a provider that belongs to an accountable care organization (ACO) will automatically receive full credit (40 category points) for the CPIA category.
  • A provider in an alternative payment model that is not a PCMH will automatically receive half credit (20 category points) for the CPIA category.
  • A provider using CERHT to complete designated improvement activities will receive an additional 10 category points in the ACI category. Those activities that qualify for the ACI bonus are listed in Appendix B to this document.

How to Report

In 2017, CPIA is reported by yes/no attestation via registries and EHRs that support CPIA attestation or directly on the CMS web portal. As with the ACI category, it is important to maintain an evidence file that demonstrates completion of the activities.