Corrona Registries: Rheumatoid Arthritis

Corrona US RA Registry Site Map

This registry collects data from both physicians and patients at the time of a regular office visit.

  • The Corrona RA registry is the largest RA real world prospective cohort study in the world. We collect data from both physicians and patients at the time of a clinical encounter.
  • >40,000 patients enrolled and >130,000 patient years of longitudinal follow-up; Additionally, personal health information on approximately 10,000 patients (subject to HIPAA requirements), allowing studies to link to other data sets.
  • Physician data collected at visit to calculate clinical disease activity measures such as CDAI, DAS-28 and HAQ scores.
  • The Corrona RA registry has provided major contributions to the following:
    • Greater understanding of the comparative effectiveness and safety of biologic or small molecule DMARD drugs.
    • Effects of biologic or small molecule DMARD drugs on risk of cardiovascular, infectious, and malignancy outcomes.
    • Biologic and small molecule DMARD prescribing patterns, including the real world impact of the ACR RA DMARD guidelines on clinical care provided by rheumatologists.

Key facts about our RA Registry

  • Currently >23,000 RA patients being followed in 2015 (>50% on a biologic DMARD) with a mean length of follow-up of 4.41 years (median 3.46 years). Ability to query data on all products in the market space is unique to the Corrona registry.
  • 80 rheumatology sites, 12 university sites, 68 private practice/affilliated sites.
  • Open enrollment for biologic DMARD or targeted synthetic DMARDs (tofacitinib).
  • Follow-up visits every 6 months.
  • Physician and patient questionnaires completed at follow-up visits every 6 months.
  • Quality control for completion of critical data elements.

Enrollment and support of the Corrona RA Registry

Corrona is currently accepting new sites that have clinical research experience and supporting infrastructure.
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