Corrona Study Participants

As a Corrona patient participant, you are afforded a rare opportunity to be more involved in the care and control of your disease.

Corrona Study Patients

By completing patient questionnaires, you inform your physician of your progress since the last clinic visit. Your physician can use these data to assess the effectiveness of the treatments offered.

A completed questionnaire gives your specialist a broader view of your health status since the last visit and reveals more information than you may be able to express face to face.

This form provides your doctor with a wide array of easily accessible and assessable data which would not otherwise be collected during a typical clinic visit. In other words, your health care provider will better understand you and your disease and this can result in better care offered to you.

You are also participating in a national effort to better understand and improve the outcomes of other patients with your disease.

If you are interested in becoming a study patient in a Corrona registry, please contact your physician to see if they are an active site or if he or she is interested in becoming a Corrona site.