Corrona is an innovative health research company that collects and analyzes treatment and outcomes data for patients with chronic rheumatologic and dermatologic diseases.

Corrona continues to develop, and invest in, our physician network which collects registry data directly from patients and physicians at the time of routine clinical encounters.

Participating Clinical Sites

Our unique approach allows us to create disease datasets with the goal of deriving insights for improving the quality of care and health outcomes for patients with chronic autoimmune diseases.

  • Corrona offers qualified clinical sites the opportunity to take part in the data collection process. Participating sites are compensated submitting completed Provider and Subject Questionnaires to Corrona. We are piloting a site dashboard to allow sites to see their data in the context of the overall registry. There are additional opportunities for Corrona payments as sites also receive compensation for completing Targeted Adverse Event (TAE) forms.
  • Corrona uses your submitted data to provide unique insights on the clinical course of the diseases we study, as well as the safety and effectiveness of current treatments. The observational research data is submitted directly from patients and their providers using our proprietary Corrona Questionnaires.
  • Data captured in the Corrona Questionnaires are entered into an electronic data capture (EDC) system by the site.
  • Before participating each site must obtain approval from Corrona and an Institution Review Board (IRB). We assist each site with the entire IRB process and pay for associated review fees. Private sites can use our central IRB, while academic sites typically use their own IRB. Also, prior to the start of data collection, investigative personnel must complete basic Human Subject Protection (HSP) and registry-specific training provided by Corrona. Finally, we ask that each site assign a principal investigator (PI) to be the lead and primary registry contact. There is no limit on the number of physician extenders allowed as sub-investigators, as long as these providers are experienced in patient contact, and are judged by the PI to be qualified to complete the Provider Questionnaires.
  • We are enormously grateful to our sites. We couldn't do it without you!
If you are interested in becoming a participating site, contact us at:

Site Locations

Corrona has clinical sites across the U.S. We are always interested in expanding the registry for qualified sites. If you are interested in becoming a site, please contact us at:

Value Proposition

Being a member of the Corrona network has many benefits. We call this our value proposition, which includes:

  • Payment for baseline and follow-up visits and reporting of adverse events.
  • Improved patient care with an unprecedented array of easily assessable data available to the clinician at the time of the clinical encounter. This is made possible through our unique and proprietary physician dashboard which shows patient and physician-derived outcomes in a tabular and graphic format.
  • Documentation for billing.

Join the Corrona Network

Explore the many advantages of becoming a Corrona site including our unique dashboards for deriving special insights on your practice patterns for better patient care and comparison with other providers within and outside your group, documentation for billing, and of course payment for the forms. Please contact us at: if you are interested in becoming a Corrona investigator.