Corrona's Query Process for Biostatistical and Epidemiologic Services

Subscribers are given the opportunity to request any aggregate data from the Corrona registry. A Subscriber investigator may submit a research question for analysis by our experienced biostatistics team via a query request form. 

From that point on, the biostatistics team and the subscriber investigator will work through the request to clarify the specific aims, determine the relevant elements of the registry and best methodology for carrying out the analysis and answering the research questions.

  1. Upon submission of a query the Corrona biostatistics team will work with the Subscriber investigators to clarify the specific aims and hypotheses, and will provide a draft statistical analysis plan (SAP). This SAP will be developed in an iterative process in collaboration with the subscriber investigators so there is agreement on the methods and final report shell tables and figures. Corrona will provide the estimated cost and time required to complete the query and produce the defined report.
  2. When the report is delivered, the biostatistics team continues their collaboration with the subscriber investigators to review the report and address any comments or questions needed to finalize the study report. Reports typically undergo several review/edit cycles, depending on the complexity of the research question and the requirements of the subscriber. 
  3. If the purpose of the query is to publish an abstract or manuscript (or any other release of information to the public) Corrona works with the investigators early in the query process to determine if the Subscriber would like to identify an academic Corrona lead investigator to work with the subscriber investigators. The independent academic lead will have responsibility for the abstract or manuscript to be submitted.
If you are interested in becoming a subscriber, please contact us at: