Corrona Registries

Corrona was founded in 2001 by leading physicians dedicated to advancing and improving the care of patients with autoimmune diseases.

Corrona's Mission is to advance medical research and improve patient care by providing unique, proprietary data on the real-world treatment of autoimmune diseases.


Corrona is an independent provider of registries without any ownership links to the pharmaceutical industry.

Our registries function completely independently, without direct influence from pharmaceutical companies on research outcomes. While pharmaceutical companies may request data analysis on any agent in the marketplace, if the analysis results are released into the public domain as a scientific abstract or manuscript, Corrona mandates that an independent academic lead have absolute and final responsibility for the results generated.

This process insures that the data derived from Corrona on comparative effectiveness or safety outcomes retains the sanctity and independence expected of a national database.

Data from the Corrona registries may be used to derive insights regarding the effectiveness and safety of drugs used to treat these diseases. It can also be used for the purposes of improved patient care and quality management. The information that Corrona has gathered since 2001 has been used to generate over 250 abstracts at medical conferences and over 60 full manuscripts in top tier journals.