At HealthiVibe, we believe that the voice of the patient should hold tremendous influence over the decisions made in the healthcare industry.

We have mastered a way to effectively capture patient perspectives and apply them to the clinical trials and patient programs our clients develop.

With a team of seasoned professionals boasting experience in clinical trials and commercial operations for a host of pharmaceutical clients, our expertise includes a variety of qualitative and quantitative techniques to capture patient and caregiver feedback.


At HealthiVibe, we have created a sustainable, scalable and repeatable patient engagement model.

Our model works within our clients’ clinical development and commercial environment to help make clinical trials and pharma-sponsored post-approval programs more patient-friendly, and ultimately more beneficial for everyone—our clients and their patients.

Patient Co-Creation Methods.

Innovative qualitative, in-person and virtual methodologies to gather deep patient insights.

Global Online Surveys.

Online survey platform to field surveys, conduct analysis in any language on any device.

Digital Patient Experience Lab.

Evaluate wearables, mobile apps, virtual platforms, telemedicine with real-life patients leveraging the latest biometric tools.


End-to-end survey solution to gather trial participant experience feedback deployed in hundreds of studies and more than 60 countries.


Web-based client survey reporting dashboard and benchmarking tool.


Content management system to identify, store, and intelligently leverage patient insights from across a wide range of historical projects.

Medical Communications.

Offering boutique print, digital and high touch patient and site medical communications solutions.

Patient Call Center.

Appointment scheduling & reminder calls, coordinate home study visits, telemedicine visits, technical call center support.

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